• DC air compressor for train

    DetailSpecial typeCharacteristic Model BST550 DC110V BST300/7 DC110V Voltage/frequency    (V/Hz) DC110V 75V-135V DC110V 75V-135V Input power    (W) ≤550W ≤5.5A ≤280W ≤3A Speed     (r/min) ≥1800 ≥1800 Rated working pressure      (KPa) 700KPa 700KPa Maximum pressure     (KPa) 800KPa 800KPa Rstartup pressure      (KPa) 0KPa 0KPa Rated volume flow     (m3/h) ≥3.0m3/h@700KPa ≥1.2m3/h@700KPa Noise dB(A) ≤65dB(A) ≤62dB(A) Ambient temperature    (℃) -40~50 ℃ -40~50 ℃ Insulation Class B B Ection class IP54 IP54 Anti electromagnetic interference EN50121-3 EN50121-3 Anti shock IEC61373-2010 Class 1 A level IEC61373-2010 Class 1 A level Cold insulation resistance      (MΩ) ≥100MΩ ≥100MΩ Withstand voltage strength 500V/50Hz 1min no breaking 500V/50Hz 1min no breaking Net weight    (Kg) 8.5Kg 5.1Kg Installation dimension    (mm) 223.2×88.9 mm(4XM6) 223.2×88.9 mm(4XM6) External dimensions     (mm) 268.8×128×212.7 mm 268.8×128×212.7 mm Intake / Exhaust dimensions G1/4 G1/4   Model BST200DC-IP54-DC24V Voltage/frequency V/Hz DC 24V…

  • Belt type oil lubricated air compressor

    SpecificationQuality accessories 1. Air tank: Thicken carbon steel storage tank, withstand 1.6 MPa pressure, can choose internal spraying anti-rust treatment. 2. Magnetic starter: The device used for high power motor, It can effectively prevent the impact of instantaneous voltage on the power supply, then make the air compressor’s motor to start smoothly. 3. Check valve group: Prevent the flow of gas from storage tanks. 4. Pressure switch: More than 50,000 times operation life, differential pressure adjustable. 5. Oil sight glasses: Before starting, we should check whether the lubricating oil is within the allowable range every time. 6. Breathing hole 7. Safe valve: The action is sensitive after overpressure, the instantaneous unloading volume is large, and more than 10,000 operation life. 8. Copper valve: All copper material, good mechanical properties. 9. Pressure gauge: 2.5 accuracy , and stainless steel shock pressure gauge optional. 10. Motor: The motors Choose the famous brand in domestic, high efficiency, long life, small vibration…

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