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Complete compressed air solution

  • Clean air compressor solution:

the compressed air produced by besten air compressor meets the requirements of medical oxygen generator, medical equipment and food machinery for clean air.

  • Laboratory level compressed air solution:

besten air compressor can provide laboratory level air compressor with noise as low as 40 decibels, dew point temperature of – 70 ℃ and full intelligent operation. It can meet the needs of most laboratory instruments. Besten provides a steady stream of air kinetic energy every day in many famous universities and national laboratories in China.

  • Solutions for high-speed motor car and automobile industry:

besten vehicle series is used for access control, train upgrading, sanding, vehicle pneumatic tools, engineering vehicle cylinder drive and other industries of new energy vehicles. Support dc12v-540v voltage, anti electromagnetic interference, IP55 protection level.

  • Military and aerospace solutions:

we can also provide intelligent adaptive air compressor with ambient temperature of – 43-70 ℃, altitude of 0-7000 meters. It has been verified and applied in the field of military industry and aircraft.

  • Industrial grade air compressor:

besten industrial grade air compressor provides you with economical and durable compressed air solutions with simple operation and low noise.

  • Air compressor series for oxygen generator

Besten oxygen generator application series provides air compressor for 1-20l oxygen generator, with voltage of ac100v-440v and dc12v-540v. Its remarkable advantages are higher gas production with the same power, lower noise and vibration. In addition to providing standard products, guests of high-end products can choose to use imported piston rings, imported bearings, high-grade motors and other configurations.

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