Non-standard customization

Partial changes to existing standards New research products
Plan confirmation 1-3 days both sides Draft scheme 3 days BESTEN
Customer evaluation 1-5 days Guests Scheme evaluation 3 days both sides
Modification time 15 days Technical agreement confirmation 1-3 days both sides
Increase costs 5-25% Mold time 40-60 days
Sample 60-90 days Including mold opening time
mould cost The client bears no less than 80% Proportional return according to order quantity
Special product development costs Customer commitment
Third-party experiment costs Customer commitment We are responsible for cooperation
Description For non-standard customized products, customers need to send us detailed requirements for evaluation in writing as soon as possible. For products for special purposes, some parts require import or special processing requirements It may take longer to develop.

If the customer has samples, we need to help them develop it, and the customer needs to provide their authorization to avoid causing infringement disputes.

The intellectual property rights and molds of the newly developed products belong to us in principle, with exceptions agreed by both parties.

Products with smaller demand do not support customization in principle, if the customer is willing to pay for the exception of development costs.