DC air compressor
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DC air compressor DC air compressor DC air compressor DC air compressor DC air compressor DC air compressor DC air compressor

Vehicle, on-site electric small train, engineering vehicle, field DC power supply pneumatic equipment, military industry, etc

Super long service life: high performance energy-saving permanent magnet brushless motor, imported piston ring, imported bearing and valve plate;

Intelligent control: some machines support multiple parameter display, remote control and user-defined settings;

Lower noise: precise mechanical coordination, small vibration, low noise;

Cleaner air: completely oil-free design, some products support stainless steel or aluminum air tanks, support the installation of adsorption dryer and precision filter;

Voltage range: DC12V \ DC24V \ 36V \ 48V \ 60V \ 72V \ 80V \ 96V \ 110V \ 144v \ 200V \ 320v \ 540V

Meet the severe environmental requirements: some products can withstand the use environment as low as – 43 ℃, as high as 80 ℃, and 0-7000 m above sea level

Customization and development: support multi head development and non-standard product customization

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